Individually or in combination, mooia acoustic base elements make for a unique symbiosis of acoustics, aesthetics and innovative interior design.


Thanks to an ingenious coupling technology, panel combinations can be recombined in a twist of the hand and thus flexibly meet the most diverse spatial requirements. Depending on the element size you can create room-in-room situations, as well as areas which furthermore allow eye contact.



When configuring mooia acoustic base you may choose between two types of aluminum profile.  


Profile 60/53 with functional groove – the mooia standard you need if numerous elements shall be interconnected. 

Profile 60/53 closed – for a straight forward design claim regarding stand-alone elements.


All profile types can be painted according to RAL-tone specification in your desired color!



The two-sided textile covering of mooia acoustic base can be printed according to your specifications, with graphics, photographs or logos - you enjoy design freedom. If mooia acoustic base elements are connected, your desired design can also be spread over several elements.


In addition a selection of high-quality textiles which are distinguished by their surface textures is available.


Thanks to the utilized keder-technology all surfaces can be exchanged without any tools - whenever you want to redefine yourself or your mooia element!




With a sound absorption degree of aw = 0.65, a high proportion of the speech-relevant frequencies are absorbed. Both sides of the product are acoustically effective - the sound-absorbing surface doubles as a result.


Our team will be happy to assist you regarding calculation and planning of needed absorbing surfaces.



In addition to foot sets for free placement, we offer a variety of connectors for different combinations of mooia acoustic base elements. Angled, straight, cross-shaped and T-shaped connectors open up freedom for interior design: The possibility of recombination creates a virtually unlimited scope for your individual design.


Through the optional use of an organization rail various accessories can be adapted to mooia acoustic base.


In order to maintain transparency, glass or acrylic attachments can be integrated on top.


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