mooia zip offers a variety of possibilities for high-quality workplace and interior design. Acoustic functionality is combined with timeless design and maximum creative freedom thanks to different fabric qualities in various colours and colour variations for the zipper. Special formats and individual printing are possible upon request.



Depending on the choice of adapter or foot stand, mooia zip elements can be flexibly utilized.

Screen on desk

Screen behind desk



Sideboard Top

Addition to glass partition wall (quint-it qI5)



The textile covering of mooia sound is printable according to your specifications. Solid colors, color traces, graphics, photographs, logos or a combination of everything - you enjoy a wide range of creative possibilities.

In addition a selection of high-quality textiles which are distinguished by their surface textures is available.


Thanks to the utilized keder-technology all surfaces can be exchanged without any tools - whenever you want to redefine yourself or your mooia element!



mooia zip absorbs sound directly where it is generated.

As a category C absorber, mooia zip offers the highest possible absorption in applications as screens and partitions.

If you have any questions regarding room acoustic planning, our team will be happy to assist you.



In addition to the adapters and holders for the applications described above, further accessories and extensions are available:

Whiteboard DIN A4 (attached to top edge)

Whiteboard DIN A3 (attached to top edge)

Magnetization (steel plate on one side)

Letter size shelf  DIN A4

Pen Holder


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