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The „Diorama“ in Bremen is something like 3D goggles under real-life conditions. In the long-established „Übersee-Museum“ the visitor travels not only mentally to distant places. The new venue of the venerable museum brings unknown and exotic elements to the north of Germany through changing 360-degree panoramas. The multisensory experience consisting of 80 square meters of textile and sophisticated audio technology. It was implemented by the design and acoustics specialist procedes i-d.


Offices get modernized on both the visible and the invisible level. In addition to the aesthetic composition of design, light and color, factors such as organization, climate and acoustics influence whether the colleagues feel comfortable. In the new engineering office of WTM Engineers GmbH in Hamburg, the acoustical interventions are an aesthetic enhancement at the same time - thanks to the mooia acoustic elements of procedes i-d. Collages of converted projects lead to recognition value for the employees and optically separate the individual floors from one another due to specific coloring.



The variance analysis by an independent acoustic office concerning the atrium of the administration building made clear: actions to improve the reverberation situation have to be taken in order to be able to use the premises for events as planned. The calculated demand for additional absorbing surfaces was covered i.a. by the installation of vertically suspended mooia acoustic panels. In addition to the acoustic function, Lufthansa is using the mooia panels as display surfaces for current campaign motifs. The aim is to strengthen internal communication and CI via visual language.

Flexibility as well as freedom in size and design freedom combined with outstanding acoustic properties were the reasons why the management of the Hotel Munte decided to use mooia acoustic wall in their newly designed reception area. Over a total width of more than 15 meters with simultaneous inclusion of the stairs slope, a forest motif matching the new design moved found it’s way into the reception area. Thanks to the exchangeability of the printed textiles, the forest also adapts to the respective season in the interior of the hotel and always ensures pleasant room acoustics.





Due to the use of huge glass surfaces, measures for enhanced acoustics were unavoidable at the restaurant "brill bel étagé". It was opted for a combination of different mooia acoustic products. mooia acoustic base elements now serve to flexibly create separated zones. mooia acoustic wall elements were mounted over the height of two floors to integrate large-area absorption surfaces. In addition numerous mooia acoustic air elements were suspended from the ceiling. The clou: The white textile serve as a projection surfaces for RGB spotlights with changing light colors creating a fantastic atmosphere in the evening hours.

High ceilings cause a large space volume, which in combination with solid, plastered wall surfaces and reverberant floor coverings leads to a very long reverberation time - a classic problem in old buildings and particularly disturbing when the premises are used as office space. As in the case of KS Pharma. Under the premise of "inconspicuous design, which nevertheless stands out", the room acoustic problems were solved by using large-scale mooia acoustic wall elements. The printing of the textile surfaces has been adapted to the wall surfaces in color and incorporates the beautiful stucco ornaments of the ceiling into the holistic and artistic design concept through the use of subtle graphic motifs.



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