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For us people a room consists of more than just four walls. Size, acoustics, light, colors, climate, sound, fragrance - all of these influence the perception of our surroundings. In other words, these factors determine whether we feel particularly comfortable in one place.


We help our customers to inspire their "customers". No matter where procedes i-d is used, we want to touch people and create a special moment.


From the right acoustics to the choice of textiles - our team will be happy to assist you with your personal questions.


Take advantage of our consulting offer and the extensive experience of our employees to make the most of the possibilities of mooia and spaces.


Right from the start we were aware of what we want to stand for. As a young and innovative company, we are always striving to work closely with customers and partners to turn our products into what we are looking for: a unique experience.











We are who we are. We offer design that we take a shine on.


We expect the extra mile of our team – every day. We are a driving force regarding innovation.


We are a reliable partner. We act straight and open.


We maintain proximity to customers and partners and know their needs.


procedes i-d is a reliable, innovative and creative partner and service provider for its customers and business partners.


The success of our uncompromising combination of technology and design in all facets justifies our growth demand beyond the borders of Germany.

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