The mooia product line combines design freedom, aesthetics and sound-absorbing function. Freely printable and tool-free interchangeable textiles in combination with high-quality aluminum frame systems open up all possibilities for a high-class interior design.


The elements can be mounted on the wall as well as on the ceiling, but can also be freely arranged in the room without any ground anchoring. All aluminum profiles can be painted in your desired color according to RAL tone specification!



Explore the possibilities of spaces. The modular system impresses with well thought-out functions, which enable you to stage your rooms multi-sensitively.


By the use of a wide range of textiles and intelligent materials, we are able to realize a timeless design, which can be flexibly adapted to your needs and simultaniously serving the two aspects of room acoustics being sound absorption and sound damping.



A wall is a wall. The quint-it wall system is much more. A holistically oriented system for the modern glass architecture. The wall becomes a structural element and provides space for free development. The system adjusts to the design requirements from architecture and interior design and is a tool for the ideas of architects.


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