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The quint-it wall system is an innovative full glass system in which vertical posts are not needed. Clearness and understatement are fortified through the anthracite grey colored glass panels. The patented products are an expression of a responsible, environmental handling with high-quality materials and innovative techniques. The profiles in the revolving- and sliding doors are the same size as the profiles in the frames and they are flush to all glass surfaces. They have been developed according to the principle of the golden ratio.



The foundation of the quint-it room system is a shock- and scratch-resistant, easy to maintain, anthracite-gray powder-coated aluminum profile, which is recyclable and free of PVC and plasticizers.

On this basis, a glazing of 10 mm and 12 - 17.5 mm with a tolerance recording of +/- 9 mm in the glass partitioning system is possible. It can be chosen between clear and opaque execution. All glazing levels are flush. The integrable glass doors are barrier-free and handicapped accessible.

The system allows for wall, floor and ceiling connections with T-joint, indoor and outdoor corner options and is also electrifiable.



Main design feature of the revolving door is the flush-mounted anthracite-gray colored lock case. For the door glazing, a glass thickness of 10mm and 12mm - 17.5mm ESG / VSG is possible. The positioning of the revolving door is free of choice. An installation in the a solid wall is also possible.

Options in design are: handle bar, overhead door lockers, panic door fitting, magnetic hold and bottom seal.
Various solutions for electrification are possible in horizontal and vertical execution.



The sliding door of the quint-it system is equipped with a handle bar in anthracite gray by default. Alternatively, a closing mechanism can be offered. The glass thickness of the door glazing is 10mm.

The positioning of the sliding door is freely selectable in the glass. An installation in a solid wall is also possible.

The drive of the sliding door is ball-bearing made of metal and auditable. Optionally, the system can be equipped with  a soft stop. The sliding door is then gently slowed down and automatically adjusts itself to the zero position.



The quint-it system allows a glazing of 10 mm and 12 mm - 17.5 mm. The sound insulation when using 16.76 mm VSG glass is 42 dB.

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