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The days of static room layouts are gone. The reality of work today calls for flexibility. Given that businesses are more mobile in their choice of location and leases are shorter, it is obvious that investing substantial figures in rigid room concepts has no sustainable benefit.


Room-in-room concepts, like think tanks or cubes, are an attractive way of creating rooms without compromising on flexibility. As modular constructs, team spaces provide an environment for discretion and productivity. In this way, they expand on the modern take on the open-plan office by offering places of retreat.


team spaces are dynamic room solutions with impressive functionality and considered design. You configure the dimensions or the acoustic properties of the think tank in line with your requirements. Whether used as an individual office or a creative think tank, team spaces are a forward-looking solution within open-plan offices as workplaces become more and more condensed.



spaces offers a variety of possible applications being a modular construction kit. In collaboration with spek Design, the designers of procedes i-d have succeeded in creating a unique concept.

Based on a 73mm thick aluminum profile, textiles, transparent or opaque materials can be integrated according to your needs.

The round corner solution of the system gives your application the necessary form language for a coherent design concept.

All profile types can be painted according to RAL-tone specification in their desired color!



For the two-sided covering, a selection of high-quality textiles with smooth or structured surfaces is available. Thanks to the used keder technology they can be exchanged at any time without tools.

The textile covering of the focus spaces can be printed according to your specifications in high-resolution. Also graphic patterns and solid color solutions are realizable - depending on the optical effect you want to achieve.

The flush integration of glass and textile is part of the elementary philosophy of spaces. Integrate glass up to a thickness of 12.76 mm seamlessly into your team space.


On the way to the right acoustics, it is important to distinguish between sound damping and sound absorption. Damping is needed to create discretion and retreats. Absorption provides for a correction of the sound properties of a room by reducing its reverberation time.


Depending on your needs, you can utilize one of our three acoustic modules.


  • xOrb 3500 combines a focused atmosphere with effective shielding.

  • xOrb 4800 for perfect sound over all frequencies.

  • xOrb 7200 for effective room solutions in open office environments.





Integrate screens for effective presentations or productive video conferences up to a depth of 50 mm flush with the system.

The specially developed sound system sets new standards in the auditive presentation of rooms. Let your creativity run wild when it comes to staging showrooms and lounge areas audiovisually.


spaces makes thinks clear- ranging from spotlight to ambilight, from suspended to wall lamps - spaces offers a comprehensive range of lighting concepts.

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